I understand why we didn't have an "About Us" section on our original website. After days of thought, this first attempt started with: "Shane owns AMOR Outdoors. I am his helper. We met by chance as Shane was descending from his 14th successful Everest summit and I was wingsuit gliding through the Himalaya peaks and valleys...", and then ended with: "At that point we clearly understood the fine line between laundering money and securing legitimate startup capital...".

In reality, Shane really is the owner, and I really am his helper. While creating this, I somehow made a wrong turn after my opening sentence and then travelled in the wrong direction 10 pages, until mysteriously, I ended up exactly where I needed to be: Here. That path, and the 10 pages of 'travel', likely describes exactly who we really are and how AMOR Outdoors operates.

What is now our flagship product, the AMOR Wood BBQ Smoker started out as a slide and groove large steel flower planter that was intended to be an accessory to the current steel outdoor furniture line. After the prototype was cut and put together, Shane asked the question "Do you think it could be a vertical type BBQ Smoker / Cooker?" I don't recall my exact answer other than "NO". But, like everything else, we travelled down what appeared to be the 'wrong' road for miles and somehow, amazingly - ended up right here, with what is possibly the most well engineered and designed BBQ Smoker / Grill on the market. "All that wander are not lost"

This type of product development is uniquely AMOR Outdoors and is firmly embedded in all of our products. By not taking the beaten path, we are allowed more creativity, enhanced engineering, and meaningful revisions. The full takeaway is: AMOR Outdoors offers you the best products they could produce, literally. AND without wingsuits or Mob funding involved...

Live More With AMOR.

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These cookers are amazingggg, we had a turkey for Thanksgiving smoked on these bad boys and it was heavenly. In fact I've never had a bad meal come off these from pizza to brisket to sausage to Tukey this cooker is in a class by itself. If you're on the fence take my advise and just do it. The craftsmanship is phenomenal and it's all made here in Texas! You could buy sub-par like smokers at Wal-Mart for slightly cheaper but why would you when these are exceptionally better and built to last for generations, besides your purchase supports small business and real hardworking families.

Stephanie Delano

Great products and great customer service.

Steve Gipson

Just wanted to say!! I don't own one of the Caveman smokers but I have been fortunate to get to eat food from one and it was fantastic. I'm not the person that likes to smoke but I do enjoy eating good smoked meat, etc... and I don't think I have ever ate any as good as what came off that Caveman smoker. If you are one of those people that enjoy smoking and eating good food and your thinking about buying a smoker then don't hesitate to buy this one. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Whitus

This is absolutely one of the best smokers I have ever tasted meat, well, everything come off of. Have you tried a pizza from a caveman yet? Lawwwehaamercy. You MUST!!! I don't even like pizza normally.
Not to mention, the folks that make these smokers are the best and they are in Texas!!! Who knows BBQ better then a Texan? C'mon now, you are missing out if you don't have at least one of these on your porch.

Rusty Water Revival

I'm not one to promote products online unless I have seen what is being advertised, and I can say AMOR Outdoors goes above and beyond what they advertise. If you want a versatile smoker that can handle everything from peach cobbler and pizza all the way up to those monster briskets, look no further. When you buy from AMOR, you're buying a locally manufactured, high quality product. Nothing else compares.

gavin whitaker

i have the Cave Man Cooker. Quality product and easy to use. i have used it for my daughter's graduation party(the day after i got it) to smoke pork butts, chicken quarters and sausage. Also smoked several racks of ribs, beef and chicken fajitas, wings and chuck roast. You won't be sorry with your purchase!

sammy hill

Love my firepit... Lays flat in the camper! Burns my logs evenly.... S'mores for days!

Sean Sieja

Very cool design, easy to set up and creates a great fire! Would highly recommend. Have used others in the past that don't seem to hold up more than a season or two. I think this one will be burning hot for years.

Seth Thatcher

The Timber Wolf is, by far, the best fire pit I've ever owned. I also expect it will be the last fire pit I ever own - it's made of sturdy stuff. It has a smart, simple design and packs flat, making it easy to bring along on hunting and camping trips (for those truly dedicated to the art of fire).

Mark Anderson

This is a great product. Easy to assemble and high, high quality. Perfect for cool fall or winter nights. Gives us off a lot of heat with the right amount of wood. I happened to meet the owner of the company when I took possession. Stand-up guy who is committed to quality and service.

Peter Loh

The Timber Wolf Alpha fire pit is awesome and fits the look we wanted. Beyond that, it's made by hardworking folks in Wills Point TX. I know a few of these people and proud to support them.

Ryan Hanson